Hemp: the only plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, and heal you.
~ Unknown

Controversial for many reasons and, yet, a plant that supports the endocannabinoid system which is present in every living creature.

How it works

A series of four major articles about how hemp extracts work in the body

Endocannabinoid System

The body system that makes it all work


Hemp vs Cannabis

The major differences between the two plants


Hemp vs Cannabis Extracts

The differences between the two extracts

Cannabinoid Guide

Details about the major cannabinoids in hemp



Where we are

Our next four locations across Australia, covering the east and the west
21 June 2024
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA 6000 Australia
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22 June 2024
Kyilla Park, Clieveden Street
North Perth, WA 6006 Australia
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22 June 2024
Recreation Grounds, Murrumbateman, 19 East St
Murrumbateman, NSW 2582 Australia
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Recent Posts

Our most recent three posts about hemp products.
6 November 2023
Understanding Cannabigerol (CBG): Benefits, Uses, and More

CBG, a rising star among cannabinoids, shows promise for health & wellness—pain relief, inflammation, neuroprotection & more.

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11 February 2023
Entourage effect of full spectrum CBD

Discover the power of the entourage effect of full spectrum CBD. This revolutionary approach to CBD harnesses the synergistic benefits of all hemp-derived compounds for maximum wellness benefits.

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8 February 2023
Difference between CBD isolate oil and full spectrum oils

Discover the key differences between full spectrum oil and CBD isolate oil. Learn about the benefits and uses of each and find out which form of CBD oil is right for you.

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About Bunyip Hemp

We are retailers and suppliers of premium, organic Australian grown and made hemp products sourced from premium growing regions. We operate on both the east and west coasts of Australia.
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