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Fantastic oil

It is very soothing and alleviated my severe anxiety very well. I was able to genuinely laugh for the first time in several months.


Walking again

Hey R
I eventually contacted that that person and was able to get some balm locally. I have tried it out and after about 2 years I can now walk the dog again without back and hip pain – 3 km today.
Please thank your friend for the help.



I have struggled with anxiety for years, I unsuccessfully trialled medications with my doctor, and I began to feel as if nothing would ever help, until I came across Mighty Oil. Two months later I no longer take anxiety medication, and I feel the best I have felt in years. I could not recommend this product more highly!


Impressive and really works!

The new Mighty oil is fantastic for sleep, anxiety and pain, combined with the balm its a force to be reckoned with.

5 Stars *****

Thank you!

Love Mary. K

Mary K.

Everything I’d hoped for

My moods and anxiety are a lot better ever since the first few doses. Deeper sleeps, less overthinking, more optimism will be stocking up on this to get through these crazy times.


My Dingo thinks she’s a Husky Dog

Thanks so much!
Husky Dog Pet remedy [edit: now replaced with the Mighty Red Oil] is such a wonderful product with so many uses – the skin rash on Tucky’s tummy is gone and her gut issues seem to be fixed too.
Thanks again, Pete

Pete Gray


Before I [attended] the Mind Body Spirit Festival,

I had lost hope dealing with my dogs hip dysplasia, EAR INFECTIONS, chewing paws and general inflammation problems! His separation anxiety and stress has gone. He is so much calmer and gets less overwhelmed by visitors, other dogs and loud noises.


Dog Mum

Wide range!

The Red oil is a good general starter everyday ailments or low tolerance users. The other two are better value or more chronic issues.

The Green is mainly CBD spectrum whereas the Amber oil is a fat broad spectrum. I had to try them all and I must say the journey was well worth it. Thanks guys and superb customer care.


Fantastic balm

Hi I purchased some of your balm at the Henty [Machinery] Field Days today and it is fantastic. Thank you so much.


Mighty Oil

This oil is amazing. Within 15 minutes of using it, pain was gone. I’m also sleeping better and waking up refreshed.



Have had such good results with Husky oil [edit: replaced with Mighty Oil] and especially with my arthritis.


Magic fit headaches

I suffer regularly from headaches
Twice now I’ve taken the oil. Headache is gone within 20 minutes.
5 drops each time
Miracle oil
No more painkillers
This is now my go to

Jess kelly

The wonder of Mighty oil


Alex is a wonderful nice person, full of information and very helpful. I’ve gotten the Mighty Oil 30ml twice now. And it works wonders. I suffer from rheumatoid since I was 22. My specialist just writes me constantly medication which I’m not a big fan. But since I’m taking the oil, I have less pain throughout the day. Also I work as a baker; sleep is a bit disturbed during the night (wake up twice during the night before my alarm goes off) but again, since the oil, I sleep deep and nice and just wake up when the alarm goes off. I feel less agitated through the day and feel just fresh. Also snoring is less according to my partner. I can only recommend it and hopefully the legalisation comes through for others out there with drug tests. Thanks Alex



I take 5 drops each night before bed. I am sleeping like a contented child. Best night sleep in years and years

mary taylor

Excellent product

I purchase the CBD oil for my little 12 year old dog who suffers from back pain. It is soothing and calming and he can relax and sleep through the night. I have been using this product for 6 months now and have seen a marked improvement in Eddie.

Vesna Sarich

Dog’s eating anxieties improved on Amber Golden King Oil

I will confidently claim that that Amber Golden King Oil pet tonic is helping my dog’s eating anxieties. We started him on the Amber oil in December 2023. We were pretty happy after a month or so that his eating had improved (appetite, desire, frequency, quantity, courage). When there was a full week in mid-April 2024 where he wasn’t dosed at all, his old problematic eating behaviours returned – it was so stressful. At the 7-day mark we resumed the oil and within 3 days his eating anxieties had lessened significantly again I won’t take him off the tonic again, it’s worth every cent for our dog!

Sasha Ellis
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